If you are Christian and wanting to grow as a disciple of Jesus, here are three things we know will help you grow.


One of the greatest catalysts for spiritual growth is through giving. We believe that you can’t outgive God. We have received so much from Him that to give back to what He is doing in our church, city, and around the world just makes sense. You can give in a variety of ways. Choose the one that is best for you.


Life Groups are small or midsize groups that meet regularly to hang out and encourage each other to be better Christ followers. We do better at life when we are connected with a group that experiences accountability, belonging and care. You can’t grow spiritually without connecting relationally.


When Jesus walked with his disciples on earth, one of the hallmark characteristics of His ministry was to serve people (Mark 10:45). As we strive to live like Jesus, serving others is an important part of that effort. Click the ‘learn more’ button below and get started!